Who are we?


Novo Creative was invented in the early months of 2017, the brainchild of 3 old Hertfordshire school friends – Danny Taylor, John Grehan and Ben Hewer.

After many years of forging their individual careers in the varied fields of construction, IT, design and leisure, the 3 amigos felt that the time was finally right for them to join forces to bring Novo Creative to the world

The driving inspiration behind Novo Creative was that Danny, John and Ben could have fun at work – something that none of them had done for a very, very long time.

Initial ideas had included ideas for a segway track in the office, tubes sliding from one floor to another and the whole office to be one giant ball pit. These plans were dashed on the rocks when the chaps realised that the slides wouldn’t work in a single story building!

Also, the whole office/ball pit idea was a bit of a non-starter, as it made finding things around the office very difficult, and the less said about the segways the better.

Undeterred, they pressed on, and decided that the best way to have fun while they worked was to work exclusively on interesting projects with nice people – and to pay themselves exorbitant salaries!

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Our first few months have been manic, and we’ve not been very good at updating our portfolio page, but we have found time to add a few pictures. Please click the small thumbnail image to see a larger view. Stay tuned for portfolio updates as soon as we have 5 minutes to spare!!